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Unity Multiplayer Msg/s rate?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by N1warhead, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. N1warhead


    Mar 12, 2014
    Hey guys I was curious I can't find anywhere on what the Messages Per Second rate is that is allowed.

    I'm wanting to make a FPS Game with 40 / 60 players in it.
    I keep seeing stuff about cloud relay services, etc. So I'm assuming this has something to do with the Cloud or am I wrong?

    I just don't want to get my game ready then finally information is released and it's locked in at 500 Messages Per Second like Photon, I'd crap a brick for wasted time lol.

    So please any info on this will help tremendously.
  2. Erik-Juhl


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 11, 2012
    Msg/s rate is up to you if you build and host your own services. But, if you use a service provided by another party, like Unity or Exit Games, then you will find that there are limits to messages put in place to prevent the worst case scenario of some games running with out of control messaging. These games will starve out other games, which isn't fair to anyone. So the trade off is that you dont have to worry about deployment, scalability or any of the other types of cloud operational problems, but you have to work within the limits established to keep the service healthy for all. Usually these third party services will offer the ability to craft a special agreement for custom hosting and bandwidth outside of the standard payment options.

    So that said, UNet matchmaker and Relay Server has a message limit of 30 msg/s per player with a max message size of 150 bytes. This is a cap per player, not per room! Occasional spikes are ok since we sample over time. We won't do a disconnect if one packet comes in at 151 bytes or over one second you sent 31 packets.

    Consider this example. You have a CCU for your game set at 100 concurrent users/players. In one configuration of matchmaker, you could have 10 rooms running with 10 players in each room. Each player is capped at 30 msgs/s and *this* room configuration is effectively capped at 300 msgs/s (30msgs/s per player * 10 players). Or you could have a different configuration of 1 room with 100 players. Each player is capped at 30 msgs/s and *this* room configuration is effectively capped at 3000 msgs/s (30msgs/s per player * 100 players).

    One of the reasons we are in a free preview mode at the moment is to make sure that these limits are tuned in optimally for everyone. So please try it out and send us your feedback.
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  3. N1warhead


    Mar 12, 2014
    Thank you for responding Erik.

    Very Informative.
    Now this leads me to my next question.

    I was trying to view the documentation.
    But some of it doesn't appear to be completed (as of last night at least - haven't checked today).

    But how would I go about hosting my own services?
    The only info and tutorials I can find all leads down to Localized LAN Hosting, which I hate.

    How would I make it where I can host a game on lets say my PC, and a buddy on other side of world can join it?
    I just don't see anything other than LAN Stuff.