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Working with multiple instances of Unity

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by jashan, May 2, 2008.

  1. jashan


    Mar 9, 2007
    Hi there,

    it turns out that for me, it's ideal to have 3 instances of Unity open simultanuosly. That way, I can have a server and two clients, use the network emulation and just in general have a really smooth workflow.

    Since Unity shows a really ugly behavior (frequent crashes) when you access the same project from multiple instances, I have three copies of my project, that I'm updating with scripts (i.e. I have one copy that I'm actually working on, the other two get updated as needed; I'm mostly changing code so no messing up of complex project structure, prefabs, scenes and the like).

    Now, I feel almost perfectly convenient. There's only one thing that bugs me a little: Each time I open up those three instances, I have to re-arrange everything on screen. It's not such a big issue (thanks to layout modes), but still it does consume some time I'm not really willing to spend...

    So I was wondering if it would help if I simply copy that whole Unity applications folder to two additional locations like "UnitySrv" and "UnityClient". Or are the Windows / build / etc. settings stored elsewhere?

    Being able to keep different sets of settings (how the Window is arranged on screen, build settings etc. etc.) would be really helpful. I even might end up creating special "update-scripts" that do some processing on the files while they are being copied from the "working project" to the "test projects". With that, it may be possible to just hit "Build" on three of the Unity instances to get the perfect builds for server, standalone and Web player without having to fiddle with any additional settings. If that was possible, the "test projects" could even be "build projects" ;-)

    Does anybody have any suggestions on this?

    Sunny regards,

    PS: I posted this to Multiplayer Networking since I assume this is mostly relevant for people developing multiplayer stuff...