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Question Web Based AR application in unity.

Discussion in 'AR' started by raj_8, Jun 26, 2021.

  1. raj_8


    Sep 17, 2018
    Hi team,

    I have to make an application based on AR in webgl platform in unity. I don't get anything related to AR for webgl in unity, I have gone through webXr also but it give vr based application for unity not AR, what i get know that if any web based AR application is made is in another technologies like .js but not in unity c#. Plaese help me out.
  2. brandon-verastegui


    Mar 5, 2020
    i want to know about how to compile my webgl built into my host, I tried Zappar package in unity but when I saved it in my host the experience didn't work as expected... and on my phone it appeared "webgl is not optimize for mobile version" or something like that...