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Vue to Unity Terrain Sync

Discussion in 'Formats & External Tools' started by rom, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. rom


    Jul 2, 2006
    Hi all

    been toying with ways to sync terrain genrerated in Vue

    Attached you will find a python script for vue that will export a terrain as a binary file, also a Unity c# script to rebuild it in Unity (use the context menu update terrain)

    Although the Unity paint terrain is very cool, Vue has some added functionality when it comes to creating terrains, eg Erode, Peaks, Plateau etc

    It also has an ecosystem system.

    By creating a vue material with flat Red, green, blue, for either slope or height
    A pretty good start on splat maps can be rendered.

    Tree and plants from vue also work very well like this :

    export plants from vue at the default rez (will come out as boxy)
    then sub diving in lightwave
    then using TriGon lightwave plugin to convert tris to quads
    then using plg_Simplify_Mesh, also a lightwave plugin
    set at reduction level to 0.1
    Plants come down to the unitree polycount spec
    while retaining UVs

    the trick with vue textures is to export them long and tall (512x8192)
    as exporting square textures squashes the Leaf and bark so as to be un-usable.

    then in your image editor chop the combined leaf and bark texture
    (leave top, bark bottom)
    into two seperate textures.)
    in lightwave separate trunk and leaves into separate surfaces
    for the leaves double the Y scale on the UVs (I use lightwave transform UVs)
    the same number of times as the leaves are tiled on the texture.
    the texture res can then by optimized
    export as fbx and presto perfect plants for unity.

    The only thing left is to sync the vue ecosystem instance data
    with the Unity terrain trees, plants and detail meshes.

    This is not a problem, as long as OTEE give us scripting access to the terrain

    Perhaps for now a binary template spec for the terrain.asset binary can provided by OTEE, so we can hack it with BinaryReader/Writer

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  2. Proto


    Aug 20, 2007
    Cool, I'll give this a try. Thanks :)