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Unity's version control component has been upgraded to Plastic SCM.

UnityHub downloads an empty project and I can't sync on collaborate

Discussion in 'Unity Collaborate' started by melanke, May 25, 2022.

  1. melanke


    Jan 27, 2018
    I am using a temporary computer while my old is fixing. I just want to get back working on my project but something strange is happening:

    - I've download Unity Hub and installed the exact same Unity version of the project: 2020.3.5f1
    - Clicked to "Open remote project", choose it and opened it on the editor
    - There is nothing relevant there, no assets, no scenes, nothing that I am used to
    - I go check Collaborate, it says I need to set a project ID
    - I click "Use an existing Unity project ID" and select my organization and project and then "link project ID"
    - Now I can see there is a lot of files to commit, but I don't want them, I want my project
    - I've tried to discard the changes but nothing happens
    - By clicking history I can see all my commits and there is the "Sync" button
    - When I click the "Sync" it says "Your project settings will be overwritten with the project's settings you are linking to!", I click Yes and it don't work
    - On the collaborate window it says the error: "Cannot get diff between revisions"
    - On the console it says "Archive::ArchiveError: Unable to perform requested action on a project that has been archived.
    - But my project is not archived, I checked the website it says to check

    I need help, I simply want to download my project, I am afraid to loose it, is there an older Unity Hub or some website that allows me to download the latest version of my project?

  2. phuong_unity


    Apr 25, 2018
    Hi Melanke. Collaborate has been replaced by Plastic SCM, and you will not be able to use Collaborate to pull or push changes anymore. Sorry for the confusion with the error messages. You can find more information here:
    If you have a Collaborate project that has been migrated to Plastic SCM, in order to access the repository after the migration, you have a couple of options:
    • Export your archived repository on the Collaborate dashboard (the project will be available to export until May 31st, 2022) or
    • use Plastic SCM
    You can find more information about the above options on this Plastic SCM page:
    The Collaborate team has created a forum thread with resources on how to Get Started with Plastic SCM after Collaborate Upgrade. You can find the thread here: