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Unity Package Manager Error

Discussion in 'Package Manager' started by Roni2220, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Roni2220


    Feb 27, 2018
    I can't open Unity 2019.3.1f1 as i get the "Could not establish a connection with the Unity Package Manager local server process" error message.

    Diagnose report
    4 out of 6 checks passed:
    "name": "UPM registry reachable",
    "description": "Make an HTTP request to the UPM package registry",
    "result": "PASS",
    "detail": "HTTP/1.1 200 OK\nX-Powered-By: Express\nProvider: Genesis\nDate: Fri, 14 Feb 2020 14:55:13 GMT\nConnection: close"
    "name": "Ping UPM registry",
    "description": "Measure the latency of the UPM package registry API",
    "result": "WARNING",
    "detail": "3 pings made in 5.638 seconds\nAverage latency: 296.33 ms\nMinimum latency: 271.65 ms\nMaximum latency: 333.33 ms\nStandard deviation: 32.63"
    "name": "Ping UPM download",
    "description": "Measure the latency of the UPM package download endpoint",
    "result": "WARNING",
    "detail": "2 pings made in 7.991 seconds\nAverage latency: 538.84 ms\nMinimum latency: 302.57 ms\nMaximum latency: 775.11 ms\nStandard deviation: 334.13"
    "name": "UPM registry download speed",
    "description": "Test the Internet connection using the UPM package registry",
    "result": "PASS",
    "detail": "Measured speed to the UPM registry: 2.11 Megabits per second"
    "name": "",
    "description": "Test the Internet connection using",
    "result": "PASS",
    "detail": "Measured speed to the server: 2.11 Megabits per second"
    "name": "HTTP proxy environment variables",
    "description": "Detect whether proxy-related environment variables are set (HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY, ALL_PROXY, NO_PROXY, UNITY_PROXYSERVER, UNITY_NOPROXY)",
    "result": "PASS",
    "detail": "No proxy support has been configured through environment variables."

    [2020-02-14T14:55:11.658Z][INFO] Opened report file 'C:\ProgramData\Unity\UnityPackageManagerDiagnostics\diagnostic_report_14_02_2020_195504_19.txt'
    [2020-02-14T14:55:11.665Z][INFO] Starting diagnostics
    [2020-02-14T14:55:11.681Z][INFO][UpmRegistryReachable] Sending HEAD request to
    [2020-02-14T14:55:13.453Z][INFO][PingUpmRegistry] Starting ping test on ''
    [2020-02-14T14:55:19.394Z][INFO][PingUpmDownload] Starting ping test on ''
    [2020-02-14T14:55:27.388Z][INFO][UpmRegistryDownloadSpeed] Starting speed test with UPM registry
    [2020-02-14T14:55:40.469Z][INFO][UpmRegistryDownloadSpeed] Download: 2.11 Megabits per second
    [2020-02-14T14:55:40.477Z][INFO][Speedtest.Net] Starting speed test with
    [2020-02-14T14:56:16.440Z][INFO][Speedtest.Net] Download: 2.11 Megabits per second
    [2020-02-14T14:56:16.441Z][INFO][Speedtest.Net] Upload: 902.01 Kilobits per second
    [2020-02-14T14:56:16.465Z][INFO] Finished diagnostics
    [2020-02-14T14:56:16.697Z][INFO] Created report at 'C:\ProgramData\Unity\UnityPackageManagerDiagnostics\diagnostic_report_14_02_2020_195504_19.txt'
  2. samuelb_unity


    Unity Technologies

    Nov 13, 2017