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Official Unity Forma 3.0 ships with Forma Render

Discussion in 'Unity Forma' started by Bexicle_C, Oct 19, 2021.

  1. Bexicle_C


    Apr 28, 2021

    The Unity Forma marketing solutions suite
    Unity Forma enables marketing teams to produce and publish interactive 3D product configurators and digital media from 3D product data, without programming skills. We’re pleased to announce that we are upgrading and expanding our solutions for marketing professionals.

    With the release of Unity Forma 3.0, we’re launching Forma Render. Forma Render enables anyone to produce marketing visual assets using the configurator model built with Unity Forma, and they don’t need coding skills to do it. Forma Render is a digital photography and video production studio, giving you the tools to create 2D images and video content.

    Unity Forma and Forma Render empowers marketing professionals to create high-quality real-time 3D, 2D and video content that will engage their customers, without the need for coding expertise.

    What’s new
    Notable updates for Unity Forma 3.0 include:
    • Streamlined installation process.
    • Forma Render included.
    • Templates to get projects up and running quicker, easily accessible from Unity Hub.
    • Predefined optimized platform settings, so your project runs more effectively on specific platforms out of the box.
    • Improved WebGL optimization, demonstrated in the included sample project.
    • Updated HTML API for the runtime UI, for deployments outside the Unity ecosystem.
    • Increased responsivity in mobile UI.
    Key features of Forma Render include:
    • Interactive compositing: Place the product model within a scene, position it, activate configuration variants, all in real-time.
    • Use case optimized assets: Images are optimized to the required resolution for each use case (e.g., printed collateral, digital advertising, website placement).
    • Image on demand: By hosting content in the cloud, you can deliver personalized content in response to requests from websites or applications.
    • Batch rendering: Easily and quickly generate visual assets in bulk.
    • Headless rendering: Generate image and video assets quickly and smoothly.
    • Prerequisite: Subscription to Unity Industrial Collection or Unity Pro and Pixyz Plugin.
    • The minimum required Unity version to run Unity Forma is Unity 2020.2.

    Find out more
    You can find more information at the Unity Forma forum or by visiting the Unity Forma product information page here. Discover what future updates are planned with the Unity Forma product roadmap. There is release documentation available here.

    We host monthly webinars on how to get up and running with Unity Forma as well as tips and tricks from Unity experts. Register here.