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Unity The Collaborate package becomes the Version Control package.

Discussion in 'Unity Collaborate' started by marie-unity, May 31, 2021.

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    Aug 6, 2019
    Note: If you are currently using the Plastic SCM Asset Store plugin, you will need to uninstall v.1.5.7 of the Version Control package (com.unity.collab-proxy) to continue using the Asset Store plugin at this time.

    Hi everyone,

    Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing changes to the Collaborate package for the current tech stream as well as 2020.3LTS and 2019.4LTS with the release of version 1.5.7.
    • The Collaborate Package will be renamed to Version Control. This change will affect the package display name and its description.
    • We are preparing to expand the Version Control package to include both version control solutions offered by Unity; Collaborate and Plastic SCM for Unity.
    • We will be moving the Plastic SCM Asset Store plugin to the Version Control package in a future release.
    • Version 1.5.7 contains no new functionality or bug fixes for Collaborate.

    Once the move is completed, the Version Control package will give you the ability to use either Collaborate or Plastic SCM for Unity in the Unity editor.
    • You won't be able to use both version control solutions at the same time. You will be able to choose which one you want to enable and there will be a way to disable one in order to use the other.
    • Plastic SCM for Unity in the Version Control package will not be compatible with the Unity Asset Store plugin. You will need to uninstall the Asset Store Plugin to use Plastic SCM for Unity in Package Manager.
    If you are curious about Plastic SCM for Unity, take a look at this forum post from our latest major release!

    We will keep you updated as we complete the package expansion!
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