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SmartFoxServer Multiplayer Games Engine

Discussion in 'Connected Games' started by g_a_p, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. g_a_p


    Mar 16, 2015
    Since 2004, SmartFoxServer is a comprehensive SDK for rapidly developing multiplayer games in Unity. It comes with a rich set of features, an impressive documentation set, tens of examples with their source code, powerful administration tools and a very active support forum.
    Thanks to its simplicity of use, versatility and performance, SmartFoxServer currently powers hundreds of projects all over the world, from small chats and turn-based games to massive virtual worlds and realtime games.

    In this thread we will keep the Unity community updated on the latest news and releases of SmartFoxServer. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

    Latest news and updates

    • Server v2.13.3
      Full support for binary websocket protocol and server side JavaScript Extensions (here)
    • Client API v1.7.9
      Rewritten BlueBox client, with HTTPS support and proxy settings (here)
    • Examples Pack v1.3.0
      All examples updated to the latest API version (here)
    • Blog - SFS2X multi-threading demystified
      In the latest article, we discuss multi-threading in SmartFoxServer 2X and demonstrate how simple and painless is writing server side code, even when many other things are running concurrently (here)

    SmartFoxServer 2X
    SmartFoxServer 2X is an authoritative server based on a custom high-performance and scalable architecture that can handle tens of thousands of clients even on commodity hardware.
    It is fully expandable with your custom game logic written in Java or JavaScript and it provides integrated support for database connections, a fast and highly optimized network protocol with compression and SSL support, HTTP tunneling for clients behind proxies and firewalls, embedded HTTP server for web content and tons more.

    The Community Edition gives full access to the platform for free and without time limits. It allows 100 concurrent users and provides 100% of the features.

    Client API for Unity
    The client C# API is distributed in the form of three DLL libraries to be used in conjunction with each other inside Unity to cover all its building targets.

    The comprehensive online documentation covers all aspects of multiplayer development with SmartFoxServer.

    A series of tutorials for the Unity platform provide an insight into features of increasing complexity, starting from the basic connection to a full-fledged realtime game with MMO capabilities.

    The examples described by the tutorials are also available in the Asset Store as a single showcase package.

    Our white papers discuss the fundamental high level aspects of multiplayer programming, like performance, scalability, security, architecture and more.