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Official Input System 1.8.2 released

Discussion in 'Input System' started by Schubkraft, May 6, 2024.

  1. Schubkraft


    Unity Technologies

    Dec 3, 2012
    Hi ,

    The Input Team would like to announce that Input System 1.8.2 has been released
    This is the first bugfix release of the 1.8 version which was focused on bringing Project Wide Actions to you.
    1.8. also includes a new Input Action Asset editor based in UITK.

    Two important UI fixes included are:
    • The Event System is now correctly setup when using the Input System
    • UITK now works without a Project Wide Action asset being present in the project
    More details about all the improvements and fixes in the package changelog.

    Input system 1.8.2 is the recommended version for Unity 6 Preview which should be available shortly. We plan on doing at least one more bugfix release before we make 1.8 the recommended version for our LTS releases.
  2. FrankTMY


    Nov 13, 2021
  3. Slashbot64


    Jun 15, 2020
    When did the color strip disappear and why? seems rather pointless and just makes every tutorial seemingly redundant the change doesn't actually make it look or work any better.

    still seems like a mess with things scattered.. Input Debug found somewhere else and doesn't actually just work at debugging in editor or allow you to test action maps in realtime while in editor to see resulting output

    I dunno years in development and honestly bleh