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Discussion in 'Open Projects' started by itsLevi0sa, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. itsLevi0sa


    Oct 26, 2019
    Thought about starting a thread on pure Concept Art for people who would like to start producing fan-made stuff and accompany/shape the game’s lore as it slowly takes life and form.

    This might be a good chance for you to introduce yourself and post something you made regarding the game while keeping up with the story and forum!

    Here are some useful links:
    The game wiki page to familiarize yourself with the story and characters:
    The game map:
    The work from Jesse Turner who provided the initial concept art for the project announcement:

    This thread could also provide food to/feed from other threads such as:
    The Dialogue and Narrative thread
    The Level Design thread
    The 3d Art thread
    The 3d Environment Art thread
    (and others)

    This thread could be a great way to boost up/build your portfolio. But it could also be a great place to have discussions about techniques, programs and workflows used as well! Do you work more with the traditional pen&paper tools or are you purely digital? Are you more inclined towards sketching? Painting? Share your practice with us! Talk to us about what or who gets YOU inspired.

    One great aspect of this initiative is that we are all here not only to contribute but also learn from each other in the process, so it would be nice to kick off discussions regarding themes such as composition, perspective, light, color, mood, or even share some speed painting videos!

    As a member from the community, I am really looking forward to see what concepts people will come up with.

    PS (1): We have just started the journey, so a lot of things have not yet been defined – decided and will remain so for quite some time. We have 6 months ahead of us! However this shouldn’t mean that you couldn’t produce some work on your own as you follow along with the vibes and guidelines and share it here to keep the discussions going.
    PS (2): I am not a concept artist myself (although I am THIS CLOSE to grab a pen and paper and remember my childhood years) but I am ready to be blown away by you people :)

    Get the inspiration flowing!
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  2. roxioxx


    Dec 31, 2013
    Thanks for starting this thread, @itsLevi0sa :). I can't wait to see what other unity community members are here and pumped up for this collaborative project.

    My name is Rox and I haven't been on a forum until now for over a decade because I'm a super introvert. Hahaha.... (just laugh away the fear me... just keep laughing...). I'm a hybrid when it comes to game dev in that I can do art and development. I'm not excellent at either, but I can get a character all the way from concept art to a fully playable model in Unity. Game dev is my hobby and for my profession, I am a UX/UI designer in the Health IT sector.

    I use Clip Studio Paint for concept art (a digital media), and I use Blender 3D for modeling. You can check out my Instagram or Twitter for my non-UX/UI work at the handle @RoxioxxStudios.

    My goal for this project is just to learn and be able to have a piece for my portfolio that shows I have had my work in a game. I've previously made two games before from start to finish. The first game got terrible reviews on and I deleted it (it was called "A Long Journey"). I learned never to publish anything for free unless if it met the internet's highest standards. The second was a paid game I put on the google play store. For some reason, running it natively worked, but downloading from the play store caused the game to stop progressing in the first chapter. (That one was ridiculously called "Mahou Shoujo Anime Director." Please, don't look it up. It has terrible writing, and I apologize profusely. I was many years younger back then.)

    Man, for an artist, I'm writing too much.

    Here's a character concept I was thinking for this game. His name is Blake. Full details are in this forum thread here. I'll just show the pics I made of him here.

    ca-02.jpg blake_sheet2.jpg

    Basically, I was thinking of making him your better looking, more charismatic rival to the honorable Mr. Dr. Pig Chef.

    It's a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to working with this community on making something awesome!

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