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AR Foundation: ⭐ Assets with Editor Testing ⭐

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by makaka-org, Mar 17, 2023.

  1. makaka-org


    Dec 1, 2013
    Unity provides the official tool for testing in Unity Editor for AR Foundation 5 without Building: XR Simulation Environments. But, ARF 5 is still buggy as I know for now.

    I use AR Foundation 4 for ⭐ my Unity Assets ⭐ to get a stable work. There is no Editor Testing by Unity. But I provide my own ⭐ Editor Testing integration for Plane Detection and Image Tracking packages ⭐.

    My way of Testing in Editor

    Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 15.20.10 1.png

    As I can see, I provide the fastest way to testing: I just allow playing the game in the Unity Editor with correct camera settings and without additional overheads. My way of view in the Unity Editor is the same as in the real build, but without tracked planes and image markers.


    You can test camera rotation with the Right Mouse Button. Also, you can use WASDQE keys to move the camera.

    The hardware laptop camera is also turned on for testing — this method of getting the camera feed is used on devices that do not support Plane Detection with ARCore, ARKit — that is, the game will work on low-budget devices using gyro or accelerometer ("Pseudo AR" way).

    Real or Editor Testing?

    I guess that adding support for the XR Simulation Environments will make the testing longer and harder. I believe that if you need to test with the target environment, you need to build every time for true AR experience.

    You can't replace real testing - because you can't have the mobile AR iPhone sensors on your Mac. Real testing exists only with real sensors.

    I guess that simulation environments is the middle way between my way and real testing, and I don't see any advantages for now of adding it (as well as adding support for Unity UI Toolkit instead of uGUI because the UI Toolkit API is constantly changing).