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Adding a robot workflow

Discussion in 'Robotics' started by jacopomstrada, Jan 7, 2022.

  1. jacopomstrada


    Oct 19, 2021

    I'm pretty new to ROS and Moveit, I followed with great interest the pick and place tutorial. I got it working and also made a few modifications to fit my needs.

    Now I would be interested in adapting the tutorial project using another robot. I found a list of Moveit supported robots (Robots | MoveIt ( and I'm trying to use the elfin P robot from Hansrobot. This is the github repository containing all the ROS and moveit files, which I think would be the starting point for any robot that supports Moveit and ROS.

    I'd like to discuss the correct approach in order to integrate this or any other robot in Unity, the usage of the URDF importer package is pretty straightforward, but the Moveit part it's not (at least for me).

    The Niryo_moveit ROS package contains two launch files, the niryo_one_base.launch and the controllers.launch that are specific for the Niryo robot. How to identify the corresponding files for another robot? Is it not possible to use the standard files generated from the the Moveit Setup Assistant (*robot_model*_moveit_config folder files)?

  2. amanda-unity


    Unity Technologies

    May 29, 2020
    Hi, thanks for checking out the tutorial!

    This question is geared towards the usage of MoveIt than the Unity Robotics tools, so you'll likely find more help in other, more relevant areas (try the MoveIt Tutorials,, MoveIt Discord, or the ROS tutorials (Create a MoveIt Package for an Industrial Robot).

    That being said, here is our documentation on the rundown of MoveIt-related files in the Pick-and-Place tutorial, which may help clarify which launch files are being used, and I would encourage you to check out our Object Pose Estimation demo, which is similar to the workflow of integrating these concepts with another robot in Unity (using the UR3 arm).

    In general, you're wanting to find the launch files that will load the URDF, controller settings, and spawn the corresponding nodes, as well as the move_group. Since the MoveIt files are provided in that repository, you can investigate the demo.launch file provided, and see what you may need to modify or remove from there.

    Hope this helps!