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Question XRGrabInteractable & Pun2 - Gameobject sync issue

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Manali_26, Jan 24, 2023.

  1. Manali_26


    Mar 21, 2022
    I have been trying to use XR Toolkit and Photon 2 Networking to create a multiplayer experience. When Player A grabs an object using XRGrabInteractable it looks fine. Player B, watching that interaction - vice versa.

    When Player B grabs the object from the player A hands, for Player B object is in hand and for Player A object is still in the hand (When grabbed from either players hand, object is not syncing in network - both players think they are holding the object)

    public class XRGrabNetworkInteractable : XRGrabInteractable


    private PhotonView photonView;

    private void Start()


    photonView = GetComponent<PhotonView>();

    photonView.OwnershipTransfer = OwnershipOption.Takeover;


    protected override void OnSelectEntered(XRBaseInteractor interactor)