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Question [XR Rig] VR Position Offset with HTC Vive using OpenXR

Discussion in 'VR' started by unity_0251A879E5918D5C75FC, Aug 24, 2022.

  1. unity_0251A879E5918D5C75FC


    Feb 23, 2022
    Hallo community,

    I'm using a standard XRRig Object with a fixed position in my Unity scene VR application and I have the HTC Vive sensors and SteamVR running. However, when I start my scene my XRRig camera controlled via my HTC Vive appears with an Offset in all three directions (in general: using OpenXR). But of course I want to start my VR experience at the point where I positioned my XRRig Object.

    Setting the "CameraOffset" parameter does not change anything i this VR application.
    Is this due to SteamVR, my two HTC Vive Sensors or some parameter i did not find in the XRRig Configuration. What drives me crazy is the fact that i several youtube tutorials using XRRig the origin of the XRRig Object was then also the starting point for the VR application. The produces did not even comment on things like offsets...

    Does anybody know how to calibrate this, is it in SteamVR?Might the reason be a problem with my HTC Vive sensors?

    Best regards,