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XML-Dialogsystem *Free*

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by CitrusDev, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. CitrusDev


    Jul 3, 2012
    I am working on a new small game and was in the need to use a Dialogsystem.
    So here it is :
    ( here my website )

    What is possible :
    • query dialog system variables
    • set dialog system variables
    • call external functions
    • every actor has it's own dialog file
    • no dll needed
    • uses the resource folder to load the xml file ( for Webplayer, and Mobile important )
    Define for every actor a single xml file. In this dialog file you are able to declare functions which can be called or query variables to determine which dialog text should be shown.
    Also you can show an option field.
    And the best thing, it not depends on graphical guis, means you can use any gui for displaying the text or just the console.

    Because this, you have to choose displayed options by number. I think for a general propose Dialogsystem is this not a good solution but for me it's fine.
    Did I mentioned ? There is a Demo Scene and a readme file in the package.

    Stop talking, show me something
    Here you'll see it in action. The player walks to the NPC the graphical buttons shows up. After pressing E, the dialog begins.

    Why free ?
    First thing, it's not perfect. Second I don't have time to support this the right way. Third sometimes it's a good feeling to give something back. ( There a a lot good free assets in the store )

    Maybe you are interested in the game which I am currently create ( it's just a hobby so it will also be free available )

    Website :
    Twitter :

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