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    Texture Customization | Mesh Morphing | Source Files

    Skeleton Warrior Pack PBR comes with three full armor textures -- armor that is presented in pieces so you can easily create many looks for your skeleton horde. Customize the textures in Substance Painter or use the ones we provide, including multiple "body" textures! Comes with a custom sword and shield as well.

    Body parts are all sub-meshes, so you can even create physics effects or skeletons that are missing limbs!​

    Texture Customization
    Take control of the models, and make them match your project. Use the included Substance Painter source files to create custom textures in minutes, exported to work with Unity using a single click. Works with HDRP and non-HDRP projects!

    Of course if you don't have any interest in creating your own textures, I often ship my packs with multiple texture options that are ready to be used out of the box. If you sign up at there may be more downloads availalbe for free.

    Mesh Morphing
    Blend Shapes give you the power to change the physical mesh of the model, often creating characters that look very different from the default. Our editor script will expose specific Blend Shapes in the Inspector, with sliders to change the values. You can even code the changes. That means your players can customize the mesh of their character, or spawned enemies can be given random values so each is different from the next.

    Sound Effects
    (Coming Soon)
    We include sound effects to go with the animations. These are created by sound designers specifically for Skeleton Warrior Pack PBR, often using practical foley recordings. We often include variations, so each time the sound is triggered, a script will randomly choose one of the variations to play. And sometimes we include multiple layers of audio, so you can mix and match and create the right effect for your game.

    The included script makes it easy to play clips & loops called via Aniamtion Events or other trigger methods. Options include multiple clips (randomly chosen), volume levels & modifications for volume by velocity, as well as the ability to play clips only some of the time. This way, for example, enemies can grunt during their idle loop, but only as often as you want them to.

    Re-Mixable Custom Music
    (Coming Soon)
    A composer has creates original tracks to accompany these packs. Some tracks are more like Theme Music, while others are more Ambient, or anywhere in between. Music is always included in layers. Each stem, often a single instrument, can be used in the Unity Audio Mixer so you can create your own mixes. The Demo scene will include a selection of Snapshots ready to be used, as well as scripts showing how you can modify the sound during gameplay.

    The music can now adapt to your game. Fade to another snapshot based on in-game variables such as Player Health, Time Remaining or whether the game is Paused or not. While a Composers Mix is always included if you do not want to mix your own tracks, we urge you to try it out. The power you have is insane.

    Concept Art
    (Coming Soon)
    You know what often separates the AAA studios from you? Their advertising channels are full of concept art, and yours isn't. As far as I know, there are no other Asset Store packages that include Concept Art. Using this, you can populate your website, Steam page, Facebook feed, Twitter, with compelling artwork to excite your fans before you have a game to show.

    At least 3 images are provided in both PNG & Photoshop format. The Photoshop files are layered, so you can turn on/off body parts and armor whenever possible, or modify the color or look for some layers but not others. These images are ultra high resolution.

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