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Would a scene change stop my game crashing?

Discussion in 'Windows' started by San_Holo, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. San_Holo


    Sep 26, 2014
    Hi there...

    The scenario is this, I have my game running on a dedicated PC system running Windows 7, the game loads and the first main scene which is my main-menu which then plays over & over showing various elements of my game, this works very well and can last for hours, but at times after a few hours being on the screen may be blank and Windows would tell me the graphics driver had crashed...

    I know this could be a system issue but I wondered how I might mitigate this problem as I wanted my game to show this scene for at least 12 hours without a problem, so how about a scene change I thought...

    Would a scene change during my main-menu scene clear memory etc etc and I hope help this? I'm thinking of making a 'demo game play' scene and then jump back and forth between the menu and the demo play... just like an old arcade machine... which is the theme of my game... anyway If you would know I'd love to hear from you, thanks very much.