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Games Wormhole -Turn Based space strategy game, come visit!

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by Pnm279, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Pnm279


    Apr 28, 2016

    It's been a bit more than 2 years since i started developing Wormhole. Im have 28 years old and been passionate about TBS gaming since always, big fan of Age Of Wonders since the first one, also big fan of XCOM and Total War games.

    Always had a feel about "how it would be like creating my own game?", one day i started doing some research about. And now, here i am, as a self taught developer im on the final stages of my first game development: Wormhole.

    (page under construction).

    So, enough with the boring talk! What's Wormhole?

    Wormhole is an on development Turn based strategy game. Player will be representing a human faction on a newly discovered galaxy found trough an artificial wormhole that appeared on Solar System. After years of research humanity trespassed the wormhole and found the New Galaxy, and after months of exploration, different corporations and organizations went to this galaxy to expand and seek new frontiers. As a player, you get to choose one of 6 factions to represent.

    Player won´t have to conquer all to win (although he could), he will need to adapt to the constantly changing politics and diplomacy on the New Galaxy, take orders from the Faction Leaders on Solar System, meanwhile defending against unkown dangers, even unknown to the other factions.

    --Gameplay Features--

    -Turn-Based administration of your faction.

    -Advanced diplomacy system.

    -Vote global laws on the Galactic Senate to benefit your own or bring doom to your enemies.

    -Recieve quests given by your faction leaders back in solar system, improve relations with them and ask them favours.

    -Research new techonolgies with your science team.

    -Choose to fund or not your engineers ideas in the workshop to get new ships, weapons, and components.

    -Deep planet management, choose a governor for every planet and manage them as you see neccesary.

    -Commerce system.

    -Create your ships blueprints selecting each component and weapon created by your engineers on the Ship Design system.

    -Procedural generated...everything! Planets, Scientists, Engineers, Governors, Commanders, Admiral, Events. For an inmense game replayability. (im a replayability freek!!)-Planetary weapons to attack distant enemy planets.

    Engineering Screen

    Research Screen

    --Battle Features--

    -Real-time. Battles are not turn-based, instead they are realtime where player can set limited number of tactical pauses depending on Admiral skill.

    -Tactical pauses allow player to select different ship behaviours.

    -Commanders, player can assign a commander to a ship. They have general stats that will affect ship stats as speed, damage etc. Aswell, commanders have activated/passive abilities player can activate thourh the Tactical Pause. If ship is destroyed, commander can (if lucky) escape on an escape pod that you will have to collect to rescue him.

    -Admirals, player can assign one admiral per fleet. The Admiral stats affects all ships stats. They also affects how many ships a fleet can have and the number of Tactical Pauses available in every battle. Admirals can have different global active or passive skills that you can use trough Tactical-Pauses.

    -Player can choose to control one ship in combat.

    Battle demo: (sounds, UI, and graphics provisionals)

    ---Development Status---

    Currently all features mentioned above are finished.

    So, what's next?

    Im currently designing 3D ships, each faction will have 9 hulls which player can customize as he wants. Plus all the hulls unlockable via engineering system and independent factions.

    Also, i need to take the lore to the game, and then create the campaign missions and so. There will be several timelines with quests that will affect all the new galaxy, this timelines will be in a random order each game (said it! replayability freeek!).

    Once i finish with that all, and gave my best to give Wormhole the best looks i can, i will be able to have a early alpha demo to show!

    Im aware that a game first impression comes from graphics, and most AAA companies usually abuse that and their games are no-more than the same linear gameplay with graphics to die for. And that's ok.

    As i said before im passionate about games, but deep content games that gives the player many options. Even if the game has not the best graphics.

    ---Join the community---

    Hardest part of development, believe it or not, is to spread the word around about your games.

    So that's why im here.

    I want to invite you to:



    Webpage: (under development, not fit for mobiles yet)

    Here you can sign to email newsletter.

    And mainly the new Discord channel:

    Discord channel will have the latest updates about development, you can join a faction and be part of events, and discuss development. As im a solo developer i need all feedback i can get :) and you are welcome to do so!

    Eventually i will be creating a crowfunding campaign in order to speed up the process and be able to pay freelancers artists, etc. Gamedev is not cheap at all!

    You can always email me to: for any question you have.

    Thank you for your time!
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
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  2. eluukkanen


    Oct 1, 2015
    Just checked out few videos. They do not look bad at all. Of course its yet in development and you are going to work on smoothness of the game, but the premise is interesting. Keep it up!