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Question World Space button non-interactable; HDRP & Input System

Discussion in 'UGUI & TextMesh Pro' started by BenjaminApprill, Dec 16, 2022.

  1. BenjaminApprill


    Aug 1, 2022
    Hey what's up!

    I have a project that I decided to build using UI Toolkit and UI Elements... However, upon needing text in world space, I discovered that UI Toolkit does not support world space elements yet.

    Therefore, I tried creating a world space canvas with a button to solve this problem... I am now running into an issue where the button is non-interactable. I have looked at other threads, and have tried about a dozen proposed solutions that have worked for others... The button is still non-responsive.

    If I switch the canvas to use 'Screen Space - Overlay' the button works as intended. It seems to be some kind of issue with having a world space canvas in particular.

    I've tried many solutions, such as the ones posted in threads like this -

    My best guess is that there is some kind of interference between the new UI Toolkit, Input System, and the legacy Unity UI. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated...
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