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Question Works on normal build but crashes on server build

Discussion in 'Linux' started by smartoinker, Jul 13, 2023.

  1. smartoinker


    Jul 13, 2023
    Hi guys,

    Before getting started I would like to apologise, as I am quite new to unity and the forum and I am not sure if this is the right section to post under.

    I am trying to use unity to generate a dataset for a machine learning related paper, by moving objects around randomly and taking pictures of them with varying camera angles. Initially for testing, I used a normal windows build and it is working as expected. However, I cannot run it 24/7 on my laptop, so I created a server build to deploy on a Ubuntu server. However, the server build on linux errored out. Then, to figure out whether the problem is the build or the OS, i tried a server build on windows and it errored out at the same part as well (from the frontend response, the error happens when the camera is not in the room, so it might be colliding with some other objects).

    I attached the windows error logs below, but would welcome any suggestions for running it on a Ubuntu server as well, such as running the normal build but adding a virtual screen.

    For instance, shows a few solutions such as running it without screen on a server without monitor/local machine. I have not tried the first solution because I would need sudo access to the Ubuntu server, but the 2nd solution doesnt work due to xorg-video-abi-15 not being able to be found on Ubuntu's dependencies. Looking forward to seeing your suggestions!

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. dan_ginovker


    Jun 13, 2021
    The error logs are happening on Windows and Ubuntu, so there's something wrong with your code, and unfortunately it doesn't have anything to do with Ubuntu