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Working with Scenes in Sequences

Discussion in 'Virtual Production Previews' started by zt3ff3n, Apr 20, 2022.

  1. zt3ff3n


    Feb 19, 2016
    Hi Sequences team.

    I'm working on a visual presentation of a rather complex scene/scenes. Our goal was to be have part of the team work "in Sequences" on things like camera-movement and certain timeline-event driven interactions such as UI popups etc while a level designer simultaneously would work on layout of the assets in the scene.

    Using the right-click menu in the Sequences structure, I create a new scene which I copy all our scene assets into (like stated in a similar thread by akent99, an option to just add a scene instead of this extra copy/paste step into a newly created one would be nice).

    Then I'm adding that scene into the timeline using an Activation Track, and set up the SceneLoadingPolicy, so that it loads into our Sequences "master" scene at the given time.

    However. Once I add the scene to a master Timeline/Sequence it becomes completely un-editable... I must be missing a part of the workflow?

    - If the scene is loaded "into" the master Scene, every change I do on an asset or component gets reverted as soon as I move the playhead of the Timeline.

    - If I open the scene directly, all the assets are deactivated.
  2. ellka


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 17, 2019

    I'm not entirely sure I'm following:

    Could you be more precise of the steps we should follow to have that? It's the first time I hear that a scene is un-editable. I think I'm missing a piece for this issue.

    What do you mean by "into" the master Scene?

    Any scene loaded and then activated by the SceneActivationTrack should be loaded additively to your 'master scene' (the scene containing your editorial structure: master sequence and sub-sequences).

    Do you have a setup different than that?

    On the other hand, I do hear two requests. If you could confirm I understand things well:

    If I get this one, and if I remember correctly akent request, basically you'd like a "Add Scene" next to the "Create Scene" and this would allow you to pick an existing scene in the project and setup it for the selected sequence. Is that correct?

    This would means that somehow the scene was saved when all its GameObject was de-activated. If you have some repro steps to end up with that, it's definitely something we can work on to improve.

    I guess it could happen if you edit a scene (for example add a new GameObject) that is currently deactivated (via the SceneActivationTrack) and then save. Ideally you would edit your scene on the side (almost isolated, with just the scene open for example, or by disabling the Preview mode in the TimelineWindow, top left button) so that you're editing and saving the scene in a 'neutral' state.

    However, I do get that the introduction of activation/deactivation workflow help provoke this kind of situations and so there is room for improvement on our side.