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Looking For Contributor Working on a Scifi coop FPS horror Game in Space

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by AxeMalley, Jan 21, 2022.

  1. AxeMalley


    Jan 3, 2022
    I have mapped out a good amount of the general story and objective for this game. I am hoping to create a demo version to maybe grab a following for a more serious project with this title. The story is set at 2367. You are an operator (officer) of a fire time 3-6 (npc/player) to investigate for the company. FTL communications were lost with a ship and you are being paid to find out what happened. Cryo lock down for the survivors were initiated before final contact.

    The play through of this game is to investigate, rescue, and salvage what can be saved. The players are a part of a team called TBA. Characters are to clear through the entire ship in segment missions. This will allow us to keep the game focused around time constraints and also allow us to evolve the characters while keeping them engaged. Mothership will be near the target mission ship and that is where upgrades will be made.

    There are a few specific issues with this particular mission. As it is only a taste of a much bigger idea I have. There are different missions and changes of difficulty scaling on players in game, and random card modifiers. I am shooting for a very realistic feel with the gun experience and even being heavily geared and leveled you are still venerable to death from a realistic position. I am not looking to have a thousand enemy NPC's spawn endlessly for no reason. That would be silly I am tired of lazy game mechanics like that.

    I am hoping to move this concept to PC and VR. I want the game to be scary. Unexpected encounters and near death misses. If someone dies the ability to reuse that character is covered in the story with DNA cloning and Neural mapping. Anyhow, this is a lot. I thought up this game 2 nights ago and went ahead and started to design the ships shell. It will be broken up and resized. The mission run for this demo will be extensive and rewarded for people who can endure longer missions.

    I intend to this finish this game on my own without any help. However, maybe we get lucky and can see the same vision with this concept. I have so much to put into play with this idea. I hope to capture somones attention. I am a noobie to Unity, I have less than 3 weeks experience. Though, I very much know what I want to make what I believe gamers crave. So lets make the meals worth eating.

    You can reach me by

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