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3D [Work in progress] The Island Template - FPC Swimmer + Vegetation pack

Discussion in 'Art Assets In Progress' started by AlessioRegal, Jul 3, 2021.


Do you like more 3D plants or billboards for your games?

  1. 3D plants prefabs for better visuals

  2. Billboard textures for better performances

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  1. AlessioRegal


    Feb 4, 2014

    Recently I am having fun creating plants and vegetation for terrains in Unity for an island scenario.

    I used my FPC Swimmer to swim into the Crest ocean, GAIA for defining the terrain and spawning the vegetation, and the Unity Tree Creator for the prefabs of my plants. I also used Substance Alchemist to create combinations of terrain layers to test the visual result in Unity, and GIMP to create flowers and bushes billboards.

    The distribution is quite messy, but considering I built this from scratch in a week I am quite happy so far with the result!

    You can find my FPC Swimmer asset here:

    I am thinking about creating a new asset for the plants and vegetation that you can see in this video, if you might be interested feel free to drop me a comment and I might invest some time into publishing this to the Asset Store :)

    If you have suggestions on how I could improve the quality of the vegetation I would love to hear your opinion, I am starting only now to make this type of assets and a little feedback would help :D

    Thanks for watching and feel free to follow me on Twitter as well: @AlessioRegal