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Looking For Contributor with experience in, and a passion for AR.

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by luzidlab, Sep 26, 2023.

  1. luzidlab


    Aug 11, 2021
    Hi all,

    This call is a bit two-fold:

    We’re looking for a unity developer with experience in, and a passion for AR. We’re a startup creating a persistent AugmentedReality platform and have quite some serious interest/traction. We’ll be presenting our project at several big relevant conferences in October and November, and a paid job can help us to continue building the platform without immediate need for external investors.. Additionally we have some interested investors we’re in negotiation with. So opportunities are coming our way!

    So… while this is a call for joining the team and perfect our existing prototype it is at the same time a call for a developer for a paid project for a large museum that allows us to further develop our in-house project.

    The following experience is needed:

    -ARKit and ARCore
    -We’re working with the Resight API, so easy to adapt to different API’s is a big plus.
    -Experience with php/MySQL integration within unity
    -Experience in developing scalable and secure systems (knowledge of AWS is another big plus)

    If you have someone in your environment who has more experience with php/MySQL/AWS for the back-end part we’d like to consider taking you both aboard for the museum gig, and potentially to be part of the core team.

    We have a nice working prototype. Our current part-time unity developer has been working on it, so it would be ideal to work from what we have.

    If you’re interested please message me to set up a zoom/googlemeet meeting to get acquainted go a bit more in depth on this project.

    Please send email to

    Last edited: Sep 28, 2023