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Wise Feline Smart Objects is released and is 50% off including upgrade to our ultimate AI suite

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by Ashkan_gc, Nov 21, 2023.

  1. Ashkan_gc


    Aug 12, 2009

    • Do you want to have dynamic objects in your game which dictate how an agent interacts with them?
    • Do you want to be able to let users mod your game with new objects which work with the game without them changing the characters?
    • Do you want object behaviors in your world surprise your players in a way that designers did not anticipate?
    • Do you want your designers to be able to offer new objects without having to touch character and NPC behaviors?

    If the answer to these is yes then this package is made for you!

    Smart objects allow your game to extend easily and in smart looking ways. If your player can play an eating animation then any smart object which can be eaten can tell your agent to run your eat animation when using me and increase your energy and then destroy me. But also even a car can tell the agent to eat it and change its skin material to metal.

    An oven can tell the player to put food in it and then after it made ready, the food can tell the player to eat it. Both oven and food satisfy the eating behavior request from the player but the food satisfies it with a higher quality/priority so your agent can choose to eat the ready food instead of using an oven if the already cooked food is available.

    If your NPC is looking for a way too make his sword stronger, he can search near by for objects which have the IncreaseStrength tag and as a result can increase his sword's strength. A fire pit can register itself as a smart object for that and then asks the NPC to execute its strength animation and turn on the fire effect of his weapon. A huge stone can ask for the same animation and ask the weapon to turn in to stone material and increase the strength less than fire but increase endurance too.

    Smart objects allow you to do these and more. It works with our Utility Ai package very well and is actually included in our Ultimate Utility AI package.

    • Find smart objects which have specific tags quickly using an octree
    • Add behaviors to smart objects which then they execute on the agents which want to use them
    • Slot and reservation system so a car can be used only by one person for driving and 3 others as passengers
    • A slot can be claimed by an agent before getting used so others cannot use it while it is reserved by him/her.
    • Gizmos to ease debugging and visualization
    • High performance
    • Ease of integration and compatibility with our other packages and anything else you want to integrate it to.
    • Extensive documentation and quick support
  2. Ashkan_gc


    Aug 12, 2009
    We are releasing a new update which allows you to add slots dynamically at runtime this week.