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Games [WIP] Tool/Project Echoes of Solitude

Discussion in 'Projects In Progress' started by horrorNerd, Sep 16, 2023.

  1. horrorNerd


    Sep 16, 2023
    Walk around your house in VR without tripping over real objects in procedurally generated content.

    VR teleporting or joystick free movement isn’t a great fit for some games or gamers. We’re building a framework that allows you to turn your entire room (or larger!) into a VR playspace — furniture and all — so you can move around the game naturally. We’ve perfected high-accuracy spatial alignments for AR/VR, and are proving it can be done by building a small game, Echoes of Solitude. Because we can’t possibly know the details of everyone’s play space, the game, and resulting framework, will provide procedural generation of levels that integrate your area contextually (e.g., making use of furniture in meaningful ways, see video for some more explanation).

    While ultimately we want to build a tool for others, we realize there might be some worry that this can actually work (or feel good as a mechanic). So first we’ll prove out its value (or not!) in EoS. From there, and hopefully with lots of community feedback, we’re working on making APIs for alignments and procedural generation available in a framework for use in Unity.

    I’m just a lowly member of a small team working hard on making this something every VR dev can use. But check out what our team has to say on the creative/procedural side we’ll be showcasing in EoS. Still very early stages, but we’re excited to give updates along the way.

    Sound interesting? Cool ways you could use a tool like this in your own games? If so, please consider following us here and elsewhere!

  2. xporn


    Oct 9, 2023