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Feedback [WIP] Terminafrog Hell'o world! vertical scrolling shoot'em all

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by LuyaGames, May 27, 2020.

  1. LuyaGames


    Jan 22, 2019
    Hell'o world!

    I am currently developing a vertical scrolling shoot'em all and I would like to have feedback, please!

    At the beginning of this project, there is an original game I have released earlier this year and called Glidy Frog World tour. I took it and literraly upturned it: I reversed all colors and added some electric guitar effects on the first track and made an halloween shoot'em up of it.

    The game is available at and there you will find webgl, Windows x64, GNU/Linux, macOS or Android versions so there should be one that fit your hardware :) There is a portrait mode Android version that is quite good as mobile casual game, I guess, but it is not the most advanced version and it might stick at its stage of development for quite a while (maybe forever, I don't know). That would be great if you tell me if it is good enough to your likings but please try a more advanced version too.

    At this stage of the development, you should be able to play the game with a gamepad, from touch screen, or with keyboard and mouse. I would like to have feedback on this point, especially I'd like to know if it feels ok with your own gamepad.

    I first focused on weapons, bonus effects and moves. So there several ways to defeat the enemies. One of the main point is about aiming. By aiming, you can throw a bomb where you want on the screen. You can teleport where you want. And finally, by pressing the fire button, you will slash enemies on your way and back. Please try it! What's your impression on this? Is it fun?

    I also implemented a fury gauge that you fill by firing with any weapon. When it's full, you can unleash the fury and let mass destruction happen! I let you discover how it feels and please let me know what your think about it.

    I kept the customization feature inherited from Glidy Frog World tour so you can dress Terminafrog like a doll ( and well... I find it comical, especially while jumping, it feels like she's losing her pants :D )

    Please play at least until you defeat the first boss because some of the levels are different and I need feedback on them too, please! Overall, at this stage, there are 5 types of level : the classic level (the most frequent one, like the first level), the "it's too quiet..." level, the "I take all of you" level (where flies won't fly away...), the "I'm gonna be bombed" level and the boss level. How do you like these levels?

    This is work in progress and I am planning to work on several sides:
    - Some of the features (like moves, weapons or bonuses) might not be available from the beginning and I'd like those to be unlocked progressively by reaching a level, beating a boss or with the virtual currency (stars).
    - I would like to add "affixes" on weapons and bonus effects (like "homing", "explodes on impact", "poisonous", "extend bonus effect duration", "minifrogs have circular saw", etc. I have tons of idea to implement on this side). Also, I want the player to take decisions, not all the affixes will be activated at the same time.
    - I want to add more special levels and more variety in flies attacks, especially, new patterns on bosses.
    - Since the player will have several things to unlock with the virtual money (stars), I'm thinking of a combo counter that help the player to earn more stars during levels. For example, you defeat 4 flies at the same time, you earn 3 stars.
    - Finally, some of the backgrounds and all the music will be redone because there are almost identical from the originals from Glidy Frog World tour.

    If you think that one (or more) of these ideas is definitly a bad one, or a good one, please tell me!

    Oh and I almost forgot, to win a level, defeat at least half the flies in the level!

    Sorry for the very long post but I'm totally enjoying developing Terminafrog and I could keep talking about it for hours!

    So, please play Terminafrog Hell'o world! and please tell me what you think about it! I'll keep you updated with new implementations. GET READY! =>
  2. LuyaGames


    Jan 22, 2019

    I've just uploaded a new version (v0.30) on

    Here is the changelog:
    - new bomb type: the magnet. when launched, it packs enemies.
    - command list updated in training mode to show how to switch bomb type (typically aim + next weapon, i.e. L2+R1 by default on gamepad).
    - fixed an issue with gamepad menu navigation when browsing the arsenal panel. The scrollbar wasn't following the selected button.
    - the slash move is colored red and has a sound fx.
    - new method to set target framerate according to screen refresh rate.
    - unity 2019.3.15 update

    Let me know if you like the magnet or not :)
  3. LuyaGames


    Jan 22, 2019

    New version, v0.31.

    - when bonus effect "mini-frogs" is active, the mini-frogs are able to move horizontally to target flies.
    - when bonus effect "mini-frogs" is active, if you teleport (aim+dodge) the mini-frogs stay at the teleport position and act as turret.
    - unity 2019.4.1 update

    At the current state of development, these new "powers" are available from the beginning but I plan to make them unlockable by the player.