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Games WIP Steam release survival(The Ocean: A pirate game)

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by MikeyJY, Sep 28, 2020.

  1. MikeyJY


    Mar 2, 2018
    I'm working on a game called "The Ocean: A pirate tale". It has realistic graphics.
    The steam page isn't ready yet, because I don't have a trailer(if you know how to make professional trailers tell me).

    The game is indie(1 person working on the game - me - and I had a budget of 300$)

    This is the unfinished steam page

    The game is a survival. You can craft, build base, hunt, defend base against enemies.
    The game contains thing from my favorite games
    - The forest: main mechanics
    - Stranded deep: The look and the fact that there is an archipelago(islands not randomly generated, the same map, but different spawn point each time)
    - Far Cry Primal: The fact that you can tame predators

    All scripts are written by me, with the help of unity forums.
    The graphical assets are not made by me(I can't model, I'm not artist), most of them are bought from assetstore or other 3d models websites.

    The main idea and the story are:
    You are a pirate navigating on the ocean. When your crew intersects with another galleon, the battle starts. Unfortunately your crew loses. Your ship gets sunk and you are about to die in the sea. However, the waves bring you on the beach from a random island from archipelago(This is the initial cutscene). Then you need to survive the hunger, thirst, and the pirate enemies that noticed that you didn't die so they want to kill you. They will attack you in waves, they will try to break you base and of course kill you.
    The main enemy:

    The game is in early access, so don't expect too much in the beginning(and it is made by only one person), but expect this thing in future updates:
    - more tamable animals
    - finishing the story(adding some final battle where you can finish the game)
    - multiplayer(CO-OP)
    - fixing issues, glitches
    - more islands in the archipelago(expanding the map border)
    - smarter ai
    - improved graphics(currently the project uses in-built render pipeline)
    - VR(This isn't a priority so it will be added later)

    If you think this game will be a enjoyable game you can wishlist here(in the future, the page isn't complete yet):
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2020