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Assets [WIP] Sci-Fi Ship Controller - Open Beta coming soon

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by sstrong, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. sstrong


    Oct 16, 2013

    Discord Channel

    From the makers of Landscape Builder, and LB Enviro Pack 1, comes a brand new asset full of technical know-how and goodness.

    Popularized by the Star Wars saga, complex space planes which can move between planet surfaces and space with ease, are now the staple diet of gamers worldwide. The maths is extreme, which is why we take care of this for you.

    Physics-based Flight / Spaceship controller with API.

    NASA would call this a Space Plane controller. It can control a "craft" like an airplane while inside a planet's atmosphere, but can also act like a spaceship while in space.

    [More info to come...]
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
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  2. Dave_2000


    Oct 17, 2015
    Currently implemented features (will be available in the first beta):

    Wide range of supported ship types, for a variety of games
    - 6 degrees-of-freedom spaceships
    - Limited degrees-of-freedom spaceships (i.e. always oriented upwards)
    - Physically realistic aircraft (aeroplanes, fighter jets, etc.)
    - Anti-gravity futuristic racing craft (such as in the Wipeout and F-Zero series)
    - Ground-based endless runner ships
    - Spaceplanes
    - And more!

    Physics-driven controller
    - All motion is completely driven by physics, resulting in a smooth and natural feel
    - Two selectable modes: physics-based and arcade
    - Physics-based allows you to create physically realistic craft, only exposing realistic options to the developer
    - Arcade maintains the same physics-driven control while exposing a number of options to allow for different gameplay styles

    Configurable input system
    - Easily configure inputs from the keyboard or the unity input system to pass to player ships using the player input module
    - Intuitively map inputs to thrusters with just a few clicks
    - Control surfaces and arcade rotation inputs are automatically configured correctly from the player input module

    Extensive suite of control modifiers to suit your game
    - Rotational and translational flight assists to make flight a more intuitive experience for players
    - "Limit pitch/roll" feature: Ship is limited to a certain range of pitch and roll. Roll can either be controlled by yaw (turning) input or strafe (moving) input
    - "Stick to ground surface" feature: When a ground surface is detected underneath, the ship attempts to maintain a certain distance from the ground surface and orients itself to the ground surface
    - Behaviour can easily be tweaked with a small number of parameters

    Realistic aerodynamic simulation
    - Profile drag and angular drag properties calculated from your ship model
    - Editable profile drag and angular drag coefficients
    - Ability to add any number of wings to a ship, with basic lift and induced drag simulation
    - Stalling effect (adjustable in arcade mode)
    - Ability to add any number of control surfaces to a ship. Current control surfaces available are ailerons, elevators, rudders and air brakes

    Visual interface for faster development
    - Thrusters, wings, control surfaces and centre of mass all visible and adjustable in the scene view
    - Intuitive editing processes fully integrated with the usual Unity tools (move, scale, rotate etc.)

    Prioritised ease of use for developers
    - Tooltips for all editor parameters, along with headers in the editor explaining features
    - Doesn't have lots of difficult-to-use technical parameters

    Features that will be developed during the beta:

    Weapons system
    - Ability to add any number of configurable weapon components to a ship
    - Configurable inputs for weapons (i.e. primary and secondary fire)
    - Standard and guided projectiles
    - Pooling system for projectiles

    Damage system
    - Health/shields for ships
    - Respawning

    User support
    - In-depth documentation of all features
    - Tutorial videos
    - Lots of demo ships/scenes with example setup and gameplay

    - Rewired integration
    - More control surfaces (i.e. air brakes for steering, custom control surfaces)
    - Scripting API for scripted inputs, modification of values at runtime and runtime creation of ships
    - Editors to make setup of ships easier
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018 at 11:36 AM
  3. sstrong


    Oct 16, 2013