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[WIP] Resident Evil-like Framework

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by GLucasDev, Feb 6, 2020.

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  1. GLucasDev


    May 16, 2019
    RE Framework
    (ink ribbons not supplied)

    Who is this for
    This is for anyone who is looking to create the old school or remastered style of resident evil-like games.

    What does it contain

    It will contain many features that are standard in these types of games from camera controls and input all the way to player systems and AI. For a detailed list of what will be included in the Editor and the Gameplay example, scroll down to the Features section.

    Where will it be available

    • [Private Beta] Token/Invite Link
    • [Production] Asset Store

    When is it going to be live
    This project was started February 2020 and does not have a set release date however private Beta testing is scheduled for July/August 2020.

    Why create it
    Creating a game is a long and arduous endeavor. There is always a huge
    chunk of time planning out, testing and writing individual game systems. Luckily, working within the Unity engine we have access to editors allowing us to create tools and management systems for our applications. These tools take the painstaking process of specific manual work and compress them into intuitive and simple tools which greatly increase productivity. Having enjoyed the Resident Evil games since its release, I naturally wanted to relive my previous experiences by recreating the times I enjoyed so much. Shortly thereafter, I came to the realization that many people enjoy these style games so my focus switch to creating a game, to creating a framework for others to enjoy.

    How will it created

    The production map will follow as such:

    1. The editor will need to be fleshed out first. This includes the current list defined in the feature set for the editor below. Mechanical features will be added as the gameplay demo is constructed.
    2. Once the gameplay demo has been scripted, it will be refactored to be as modular as possible thus exposing all required parameters for use in the editor. This includes actors, camera, ai, items, etc.
    3. Next after the gameplay has been refactored for use in the editor, the editor will continue production and the final features and settings will be added in.
    4. Finally another demo will be created using fully the editor to ensure usability, bug testing and any missing features.

    This asset is in active development and as such is still in a fluid state. The good thing about this is that any community driven ideas and suggestions have a high probability of being appended to the framework if enough support is shown to those ideas.

    There will be a public form available for feature requests and polls taken on such features so the community can vet what features it would like to see.

    Note, as time progresses the feature list will be amended and any community driven features that have been accepted will be added with a TBD date.

    Editor Features
    • Navigation: Home, Input, Camera, Factions, Actors, Attributes, Actions, Items
    • Home: Project Settings, Save/Load Settings, Global Variables, Singleton Designs, Misc Settings, Documentation Link, Forum Link
    • Input: Controller Bindings/Settings, Keyboard/Mouse Bindings/Settings
    • Camera: Cinemachine Director, Track Follow Mode Settings, Static Lock Mode Settings
    • Factions: Faction Creation Suite, Faction Management, Faction Alignment Matrix
    • Actors: Actor Creation Suite (Actor Attribute List, Actor Action List, Actor Item List), Actor Management
    • Attributes: Attribute Creation Suite, Attribute Management
    • Actions: Action Creation Suite (Reaction, Tick, Listener, AI), Action Management
    • Items: Item Creation Suite, Item Management
    Gameplay Features
    • Dynamic camera controller (Track Follow/Static Lock)
    • Comprehensive character controller (Movement/Combat/Actions)
    • Hot swap input system (Controller/KbM)
    • Fully customizable Save/Load system (Binary/Text)
    • In depth and customizable FSM AI system
    • Item pickup/combination and Inventory management system
    • Actor dialogue state machine
    • Plug and play UI canvas (Status/Inventory/Inspect/Dialogue)
    • Cutscene director
    • And more to come
    Community Features

    • TBD
    Any early info or screenshots may not be representative of the final product.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2020
  2. Bonzotaz1


    Apr 12, 2014
    This sounds dope, how do i get access to private beta?
  3. GLucasDev


    May 16, 2019
    Once the base gameplay sample is done, anyone interested can test the gameplay while the editor is continued to be worked on.
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  4. GLucasDev


    May 16, 2019
    Progress coming along good. Will post some additional screenshots of the new menus tomorrow.
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  5. thusky


    Nov 28, 2017
    Dangit, there I was hopping it hadn't been dropped, RIP my dreams, trying to achieve this with Adventure Creator + Ultimate Character Controller is such a core since neither has been built exactly for this!

    I keep modeling and texturing (since that's my day job) but can't wrap my head around coding more than 1 hour a day, dev is getting so slow because of this, I also have almost all my assets done for the prototype at this point (even if I might have to redo most of it if it turns out to not work, which I can't test because I don't go fast enough on everything but art).

    In any case, just needed to vent a little, doubt anyone will read this but in the hopes that you do Lucas, can't wait for your asset! I'll try to find a way to contact you on discord or something, hoping I can find you somewhere else...


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  6. Foestar


    Aug 12, 2013
    Maybe he'll come back and post someday, who knows. But as he hasn't logged on in months I would recommend you take another path. I know it can be a long and painful process when doing things on your own in all departments game design.

    I personally am not great at the art and modeling, this is something I used to rely on assets for. Slowly over time I learned how to do all the other things but when I didn't have the time or knowledge for those things I relied on assets from other people.

    Great art can make a game just as much as great coding/concept. RE has a pretty basic setup movement wise. I'd start with getting a vehicle style movement like the old games. Forward moves forward and side keys rotate. That way camera position doesn't matter. All you have to do at that point is either do camera's activated on trigger points OR snap the camera to a position on the trigger point. I personally think the second would be way better as to remove clutter.
  7. Justin_Wingfall


    May 15, 2014
    Regardless someone would making a killing if they released a product like this, since templets on the store are more of the same fps,tps, etc...

    oh well he had something going. sucks that its cancelled :(
    Last edited: May 3, 2021
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