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Games [WIP|pending title] Top-down 3D Puzzle Game

Discussion in 'Projects In Progress' started by c7fab, May 3, 2023.

  1. c7fab


    Apr 10, 2022
    Hello everyone,

    currently I work on my first Unity project. It's going to be a top-down puzzle game in which the player must push blocks, step on switches, pull levers and many other things to proceed to the next floor. The puzzles take place in single rooms and will be tightly packed into said room while still being complex. I will solely focus on puzzles for the game.

    Video showcase
    Here's a short compiled video of my progress for, please check it out:

    What I made
    Assets are modelled, textured and programmed all by me. Hopefully everyone is patient enough with the time it takes to create all the assets. So far I made good progress and am happy with it, but I still want to add new stuff and fix some issues.

    Various blocks the player can push with vastly different behaviours:
    A simple stone block. One made out of wood which is pushed by wind and can burn. Then also and ice block which slides along the floor until it hits an obstacle. And magnet blocks, whose either attrakt or repel when pushed into a row with other magnet blocks, those where the most complicated blocks to program. Also the block can have some other objects on top of it. There are more blocks, but I mention them in a later paragraph as it makes more sense there.
    Switches and various other things which open doors or activate other game objects:
    The player can step on switches to activate them, of which some may not stay activated when the player moves off them, in that case it's needed to push a block onto those. Then there are also the wind fans which is a switch that is set on when blown by wind. And crystals are active when hit by a laser with the corresponding color. The same switch can activate multiple other game objects, also multiple switches can be combined, then the game object is only activated when all of those switches are active.
    Balance scales:
    Step on those or push a block on top the make the other go up and open new paths. The blocks have different weights.
    Colored Lasers:
    Some puzzles involve lasers, which are shot by laser cannons. The lasers can be reflected by mirrors and there are also lenses and colored crystal blocks of which only the color components from the laser that are also the color of the lenses continue.
    Then there are two blocks with special functionality for lasers. One splits the incoming laser into three others. And the second one combines the incoming lasers colors into a new laser.​

    Find me there
    I have many other ideas to implement, so best place to find me for future updates is here:

    Thanks so far. See you again soon.
  2. c7fab


    Apr 10, 2022
    Since I last posted, I rewrote the wind and wooden blocks. Now whenever two or more winds hit a wooden block at the same time it checks for priority in the direction the block, in case two winds are hitting the block opposite to each other the block will move into the middle between both winds origin.
    Next up, the block moving routine is now more dynamic. Whenever a block is pushed into the way between the blocks position and the blocks move target, the target is set just before the other block. And of course when pushing a block out of the move path, the new target will be beyond the original target while accounting for holes in the floor.
    Speaking of holes in the floor. A hole might open up or close while the block moves, for that it's needed to check the floor continously and set the target accordingly.

    Thank you for reading!