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Assets [WIP] Copy-Paste Between Projects

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by Alex-Vertax, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Alex-Vertax


    Sep 16, 2013

    If you have ever tried to copy the contents of a scene or component settings from one project to another, you know how much time, nerves and sometimes pain this simple-looking process requires.
    Sometimes copying content using built-in ways is simply impossible, and you need to recreate the scene and objects from scratch.
    Copy-Paste Between Projects makes the process of copying content between projects easy and convenient. Now you can copy-paste the contents of the scenes with just a couple of clicks.

    How it works:
    Copy-Paste Between Projects serializes GameObjects and components in a special project-independent way into JSON string. In another project, Copy-Paste Between Projects completely restores the original structure and, if necessary, copies or re-creates the missing objects.
    Copy-Paste Between Projects knows and actively uses the hidden features of Unity Editor, and will work correctly even with conflicts Instance ID or GUID.

    • Unity 2017.1 - Unity 2019.x;
    • Copy-paste component, GameObject with (optional) children and prefab;
    • Export-import component, GameObject with (optional) children and prefab;
    • Automatic detection, copying and re-creation of missing assets in the project: scripts (without dependencies), textures, models, sounds, materials, animations, prefabs, ScriptableObjects;
      Important: The current version of the asset does not support terrains.
    • Supports copy-paste between different versions of Unity Editor, including pasting into an older version of Unity Editor;
    • Integration with uContext;
    • Built-in update system.

    Soon there will be open beta testing. Follow the news.
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