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Question windows dedicated server build

Discussion in 'Windows' started by bugfinders, Dec 26, 2023.

  1. bugfinders


    Jul 5, 2018
    I decided to learn some multiplayer stuff, and so, i have a windows server i can run things on, so, i built a dedicated server for windows, but what i dont seem to be able to do is cleanly shut it down.

    why do i care?

    well on firing up the server, i send the join code to a website so clients can auto join, as i couldnt find any docs as to how to get the joincode otherwise for clients.
    So when the server turns off, for any reason on shutdown, crash etc, i want it to update the code to empty to incidate no server.

    if i run it in the editor as configured for dedicated build it works a treat, on pressing any key it shuts down cleanly.
    If run as a built exe, the input has no effect, and it barfs saying the networkmanager is null.

    how can i do some form of graceful quit under windows?