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Will polymorphism be supported in custom detail definitions and one more question and a repaint bug

Discussion in 'Game Foundation' started by Curlyone, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Curlyone


    Mar 15, 2018
    So my first question is will polymorphism be supported in custom detail definitions, i did it for my gun scriptableobject, it showed scriptableobjects that was child of gun scriptableobject but when i click them nothing happens.

    My other question is, how can i get inventory items that belong to a catalog but it isn't in any inventory ?

    What i am trying to do is.. i have a faction shop and and the more faction points player has the more items this shop has, so if player has 100 faction points gun100 will be available for player to purchase, if player has 200 faction points gun200 will be available for player to purchase etc., so when player reached 300 faction points i want to access category id "faction300" and get the items and create them in faction shop. I can think of some ways to workaround it, but i was just wondering if it(getting inventory item from category that isnt any inventory) was possible, or if it will be possible in next releases.

    As for the repaint bugs. when [TextArea] is applied it doesnt render on inventory items editor properly.
    When multiple detail definition is added to an inventory item it doesnt render properly and i cant remove those detail definitions so i am stuck with it.

    Some SS: (I dont remember what is the definition name in first SS)


    1st SS gives this error: