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Question Why using remote addressables adds 50MB to my app?

Discussion in 'Addressables' started by hoangyenpham, Nov 29, 2023.

  1. hoangyenpham


    Sep 24, 2020

    I work on a mobile application available on iOS and Android devices for 1-2 years now. We are encountering issues related to the app size, so we looked for long term solutions to be able to keep adding content.

    In our process, we already reduced the size by compressing textures, removing unused references, converting audio, but it still does not resolve the issue for the long term.

    So we spent some time trying to put scenes in Remote Addressable Groups, and splitting some prefabs or sprites as Addressable assets as well. We used Google Cloud Storage to upload the bundles.

    However, after putting 59 scenes as downloadable content (loading each when the previous level is completed), the app got bigger by about 50Mo on first install...!

    Does anyone have any idea why it got bigger while I removed all those scenes from the built scenes?