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Question Why is post processing data now decoupled from the asset file?

Discussion in 'Unity 6 Beta' started by DevDunk, Sep 1, 2023.

  1. DevDunk


    Feb 13, 2020
    In 2022 you can make a volume profile, add the required post processing items, and tune the settings. This volume can be reused multiple times, which is great in my opinion. It's easy to adjust if managed properly.

    In 2023.3.0a3 the volume profile is just a huge list of settings, which got me very confused. There is no checkmark in the asset file that can enable and disable certain post processing items.
    When you change a post processing item on a gameobject, it does change all the other gameobjects as well, while the file does not show any change.

    I find this change to be a huge downgrade in readability, as it adds a lot of visual bloat. If I just want bloom in my project I have to look at 17 other items!
    And these cannot be removed or be disabled and are enabled by default when upgrading a project that did not use post processing.

    EDIT: Just noticed when adding a new volume profile that it does function the old way and that the automatically added default one is just a base. That is acceptable, but the switch is very confusing as I had no post-processing before upgrading and now got bombarded with post-processing options I did not need. I still prefer the old way and would like to know why this changed.

    Edit 2:
    It's weird to me that the same object type can have wildly different functionality. For me it would be more logical that the project settings would have a tab for port processing defaults, and that those settings will be used when you add a new post processing item to a volume profile
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2023
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