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Why don't Unity documentation overlords bother to provide examples in every class description?

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by jairreal, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. jairreal


    Sep 7, 2020
    I'm more of a visual learn by example guy and I'm having to visit and lookup so many pages, ask multiples questions, watch so many videos on how to use classes I haven't used before. Before I'm called lazy, let me allow you to feel superior to me by saying that I don't learn as quick as I would like to, and I'm not as smart as most in when it comes to programming and so I need examples that would be awesome to be found in Unity DIRECTLY referenced in each class description page rather than having to fish for them in the Scripting API docs.

    It takes me multiple reads to understand an example, but looking at en example that includes an entire script EVEN if the example does not at all have anything to do directly to what I want to do, I can see how to use a method or a property a certain way until a light bulb goes off in my head on how to incorporate it in my code. The documentation for C is one example I remember where I could quickly do that without having to suffer as much (although I still did a little).

    Am I alone in this or it's actually there but just haven't seen it? The general link to tutorials at the bottom is not really what I'm asking about. I guess I'm asking why the people who create the documentation haven't taken the time to directly link tutorials that would explain how to use this within the class description for customer's benefit rather than having them keep asking questions or having to look for tutorials themselves.

    What do I mean by what I just asked? Something like this (at least one use case would provide so much enlightenment than none regardless if if applies to what we individually want to do or not):


    class in UnityEngine.Tilemaps / Implemented in UnityEngine.TileMapModule




    prop1 | prop1 description
    prop2 | blablablabla


    method1 | method1 description
    method2 | blablabla


    Implementation of X use case can be found at <Link to example where multiple other classes, methods, properties can be seen properly explained by Unity employees in one example script>