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Question Why does the HDRP Sample scene look different in Entities Graphics?

Discussion in 'Graphics for ECS' started by alexandre-fiset, Dec 7, 2023.

  1. alexandre-fiset


    Mar 19, 2012

    So we have been using Entities since the early days, shipped a game using 0.51, but only recently started using 1.1, and more importantly (which we previously avoided since it did not support very important features back then, such as light probes).

    I wanted to start by having the entities character controller working in the HDRP sample scene, as well as having it rendered with Entities Graphics. Sounded very straightforward to me, but it certainly was not.
    1. First I had to manually edit the package json so that the entities and graphics packages were aligned at 1.2, as the character controller depended on Entities 1.1, but graphics stayed at 1.0, with no way to update it from the package manager. This is mandatory, as Entities 1.1 with Graphics 1.0 would throw compilation errors.
    2. Then, the character fell through the floor; I figured I'd need to convert the geometry and its collisions to entities, so I've put all renderers and their colliders inside a subscene.
    3. Then, it looks like the image below. See how the indirect lighting just isn't working? If I hit play, it looks better, but still a bit off the original
    4. Finally, I get a lot of warnings and errors with this very simple test case, down below the image.
    So the main question is, am I doing something wrong there? Can't I just put all the geometries in a subscene and expect it to work? What could cause a mesh or HDRP Lit material to be invalid? And why is the Game View not the same as runtime?

    Capture d’écran, le 2023-12-06 à 19.44.07.png
    Capture d’écran, le 2023-12-06 à 19.48.57.png

    Overall I would say this certainly does not feel production ready, The Sample Scene is very simple, yet does not work easily out of the box with Entities Graphics.