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Help Wanted Why does opening Unity Hub 3.0 on a Mac in a school lab require admin credentials?

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by FuzzyP, Oct 13, 2021 at 2:25 PM.

  1. FuzzyP


    Apr 4, 2021
    I have installed Unity Hub 3.0 on all the iMacs in my lab at school, I teach Game Design. It is a managed environment and students do not have admin privileges so they can't choose to download or install software. It keeps the machines clean and light.

    That said, when they login to the computers with their school district accounts, then open Unity Hub, they are prompted for an admin username and password. In some classes I have 35 students so it's not reasonable for me to go to every machine, every class, and enter my admin credentials. I don't understand why just opening the Hub, not even trying to install a different Unity version, would prompt this.

    Students can click Cancel when prompted and Unity opens and they can go about their work. The big problem with this is that it appears that when they do this, no preference changes get saved. For some reason, on Macs, the default code editor is Text Edit, so we have to change it to Visual Studio. If we change it, after a student has clicked Cancel, the changes don't stick, and they have to change the IDE every time they login. The same thing happens when they change other preferences like the Gameplay overlay color. It's really frustrating and I don't understand what Unity Hub is doing in the background that would prompt for an admin password.

    PS, please don't ask me to contact my IT department. In my school district, they can troubleshoot installing a printer, or Powerwashing a Chromebook, but anything more than that, they just have no idea how to do it. A LARGE price to pay for moving more and more to Chromebooks, sure they are cheap and easy to manage, but at the High School level, it also means kids won't be exposed to pro level apps, unless I can figure out all this stuff.

    Thanks for any help, links, or ideas you can offer.