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Where to start on a Unity Game? [Survival/Horror/Multiplayer]

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kushovu, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. Kushovu


    May 26, 2018
    Well, a month ago i decided to Start making this game i had in mind sometime ago but now im on a point where i stop to think on more things like multiplayer, optimizations, and more on being prepared to a near future

    So i started making a Building System Something like Rust/Ark and a convination of those, i come to a point were i had almost 3 weeks working on this system but i didnt think on Multiplayer when i started so many things come to my mind like if i will have to rewrite all the code lather on because of this things

    So i would like to had something like a RoadMap knowing what to do first and what next so being something logical for the development process

    At this point im alone on this road but im thinking on getting some help soon, but before of that i want to have a solid and robust base for the game

    So i want to add a lot of things but, before of that i want some advice on whats going first

    on other hand was thinking on make complete systems like the building one like if they were modular so after if i make another system will not change anything on the first one but im not sure if this will work

    Also i would like some tips on this, i had time to Learn/Develop and i know there is a lot that i have to study and im ok with that but i dont want to just walk blinded with no curse and realize some months lather that i had been doing something wrong from the very begining

    And for last the mayor thing that has me worried is that i dont know anything of networking programming and i dont know were to start, i've Read about Unet,Photon and another prebuild alternatives, and im sure that i will not write a complete networking system but also im not sure wich one its a good choise for what i want

    Now, i want in this game an Autoritative multiplayer, have Dedicated servers hosted and players conecting to a main server wich displays the dedicated servers to conect

    Something like Ark/Rust/7DTD/Empyrion Etc

    Also ATM i had like 50% of the Building system, what would be the recomendation?
    Finishing the Building system and after that add multiplayer and cofigure it? or i should set multiplayer for the very begining? or its just fine to finish the game and after add multiplayer?

    And well obviously i left things like 3DModels, Textures, Sounds etc because im learning on the way that there are a lot more that just programming skills, i learned c# but i would say im not beginer but also not an know it all master, so i would really apreciate if you have some Curses, Guides, Information on something more than programing, more like the whole game development proces and what is involved, also things like what would be the main Ocuppations for new people joining to the project like QA, 3DDesigners, Graphics designer etc

    also thanks for your help and btw My name is Jorge, its a pleasure to join to the World of the Gaming Development!
  2. xVergilx


    Dec 22, 2014
    Multiplayer and horror doesn't work together. Forget it, it's just sucks from design and user perspective. Unless it's a coop experience. Also, market is oversaturated with "survival" genre. It's your call, but make sure you do something unique. Otherwise you'll end up doing just another DayZ clone. When it comes to writing multiplayer games - it's about like this:

    Time on development of game with multiplayer is equal to game without multiplied by 2.5 (on average).
    T(m) = T(n/m) * 2.5f;

    If you are ready then:
    I'd say networking comes first. UNet is a one unreliable beast in itself.
    Use only LLAPI, my advice. Otherwise, use Photon, Forge, other solutions.

    Figure out the network architecture for your servers. How would master server interact with game servers? How would users be balanced across the globe? Decide on the services you would use for that kind of things.

    For the game server:
    Always start with basics, like character controller. Authoritative movement is another tricky part, hence requiring more time than just plain client-trust movement. But it's worth it when done right.

    Prioritize and plan what your game needs most, then - implement it, test it. A lot. Otherwise you'll run into some nasty desync bugs later on.

    Don't wait until you've completed the game to network it completely from ground zero. It won't work that way.

    Plan, prioritize, implement, network it, test, repeat. Critical systems build first, non-critical - later on. Visualize what are you planing to do via documents. Like sheets, etc.

    Also, learning on how to create art is different from creating an art.
    Just hire someone that can do it. (If you can obviously)

    Don't forget about the server maintenance cost. Nothing comes free.
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  3. Kushovu


    May 26, 2018
    so thats a start point, so i will start with networking before i continue with the actual building system

    about the horror/Survival + Multiplayer doesnt works very well ultimately, i have been thinking on that and will take into account so make unique things, i have two or trhee original fundaments for the game itself but i was worried on getting a solid base so i can start like you say hiring some people to do some tasks

    about the time is not the problem, a this time i dont have deliver date so not much worried about it but if i had to say time i would say from 1 to 2 years of development of curse after i got multiplayer and a solid base working

    now for the architecture of the servers, the master server would serve only as a List of other joinable servers with some descriptions on it and linking with IP/Port, think on Rust Master Server or Ark Master Servers so for this purpose can be done with LLAPI?, i have read about photom and if i understand well they had a cloud services and his pricing was not the best so i know i had to paid at some point and im prepared for that but i just dont want to start lets say with photon to end using forge because of things i didnt see on the start so wich one would fit best for this?

    so for Game Severs once i decide on what to use for networking like you say character controller should be first so thats my start point, so thanks for that!

    I had 1 month spent on making the building system and im happy i reallized this now and not lather
    and also thanks for the advice i would really take this in count so i can get my ideas together and organized