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Question Where to start learning HDRP

Discussion in 'High Definition Render Pipeline' started by GamerLordMat, Oct 28, 2023.

  1. GamerLordMat


    Oct 10, 2019
    Hello to all,

    learning anything Unity related is very cumbersome the moment we stop ausing it as it is.
    Maybe you are a better developers than I am but I can't do anything with the provided samples, they do too much boiler coding for simple stuff.

    Watching Tutorials on Youtube is useless bc 90% are depricated

    How did you learn this in a reasonable time effort/at all?

    Kind regards
  2. mgeorgedeveloper


    Jul 10, 2012
    Hi, what are you trying to achieve? You mention "too much boilerplate code", so I'm assuming you're not just trying to learn the structure of the basic HDRP scene?

    Can you give some examples of what you want to learn to do?
  3. GamerLordMat


    Oct 10, 2019
    Hi, thanks for the reply!

    So I would like to be as proficient at HDRP shader programming as I am at normal shader programming with directX11 or Built-In.

    These are simple things like: bind a buffer/texture to a render pass, start multiple render passes, get access to the shadowmap, render one pass into a texture and use that data in the next one, etc.

    For example, I want to draw a hatched/toon shadow with volumetric shadows instead of just using the default dark shadow. URP has some ways to access this, HDRP does not.
    To implement this, I'd need custom shadow mapping or switch to URP (which I wouldn't prefer, since HDRP has a lot more options if you need them).
    I have no idea how to access all the things I need in HDRP to program the shadomapping.

    Surely such things are hidden in some documentation or example, but googling is very tedious (sometimes up to 30 minutes and nothing useful), even if I found something, it often doesn't work that way anymore. Examples are too overwhelming with 400 lines of code just to set something up.

    Like with DOTS, I get bad migrane from not knowing how to do very basic stuff which impacts my time management badly. E.g. in DOTS it was a huge problem how to find out to do a DOUBLE FOR-LOOP, or how to apply FORCE.
    Very frsutrating and I have a similar feeling with Shader Graph and custom shaders.

    It is really about know-how and not having to search the whole internet for some details but having a concise tutorial that covers it all.

    maybe I am just too whiney ;), cheers
  4. Jack_Martison


    Jun 24, 2018
    Sorry I'm not a shader guru despite being HDRP main. But I could advise really cool guy called Ben Cloward on Youtube, well he is literally behind the creation of Shader Graph
  5. Yanus3D


    May 6, 2019
    Can you specify exactly what you want to learn or develop?
    I am not sure from what you wrote: do you need basic, medium, or advanced good tutorials?
    Your question is about coding in C# or general?
    Do you need to learn HDRP or HDRP DXR system?