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Feedback Where to post - paid interview for a project market research.

Discussion in 'Meta-forum Discussion' started by sesame_julk, May 21, 2021.

  1. sesame_julk


    Dec 28, 2019
    Hi all, I'm Julek

    I'm in the process of establishing a startup that will be developing a technology based on Unity. You can think of it as a set of assets and products that integrate with Unity.

    As part of market research, I would like to conduct a series of interviews with a wide range of Unity users in order to find out more about their needs and preferences regarding the products that I plan on building. I have quite a bit of experience in Unity myself and led a team of programmers that shipped a quite successful Unity title. That said, as much as I have opinions on various topics myself, I'd like to make sure that these opinions match what others think.

    I would like to conduct the interviews online on something like Zoom. As a token of appreciation for spending time answering my questions, I would like to donate each participant a small gift: a Paypal e-gift card that I hope will be possible to use e.g. on Unity Asset Store [EDITED]


    My question: which section of the forum would be the best to post such a proposal. It's not exactly a job offer, however it is paid (the gift above). I'm also concerned that if I post it in the job listings section it will only reach people who are seeking a job. This interview proposal is really targeted towards everyone, both active professionals and hobbyists.

    I'm new here and certainly wouldn't want to start off by posting something considered inappropriate. Please advise! I appreciate your help!
    Last edited: May 21, 2021