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Question Where do the Unity Agent class methods, namely "CollectObservations()" return?

Discussion in 'ML-Agents' started by unity_95E2298061EFD837527E, May 29, 2023.

  1. unity_95E2298061EFD837527E


    Feb 10, 2023
    I need to modify the source code of ML-Agents based on my specific project's requirements, and I was wondering where the Unity Agent class method "CollectObservations()" returns in the source code. If I have understood it correctly, the _step() and _reset_env() function in the subprocessor_env_manager subclass of the env_manager class appear to be getting the observations. However, I am still confused as to which function is acting as a "mediator" of sorts between the function receiving these observations and the function CollectObservations() which is actually collecting these observations. Can someone explain to me a bit about how this connection works?