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Bug When are you going to ship netstandard.xml so we finally get XML documentation in VS?

Discussion in '2022.1 Beta' started by aybe, Nov 19, 2021.

  1. aybe


    Feb 20, 2019
    Currently, the Unity experience does not provide IntelliSense documentation for the .NET Framework.

    Rather, what one has to do to get this to work is as follows:
    • find the version Unity uses by looking at its version in C:\Program Files\Unity\Hub\Editor\VERSION\Editor\Data\NetStandard\ref\2.1.0\netstandard.dll
    • find closest NuGet package that matches the version, in this case it's
    • download it and copy netstandard.xml from it next to netstandard.dll
    • restart Visual Studio
    At this point, one can finally see IntelliSense documentation.

    Please fix that so one doesn't have to perform all these steps at every upgrade of Unity.

    Thank you :)
  2. Prosto_Lyubo


    Aug 15, 2013
    Unity doesn't care about programmers. They didnt do it in five years, they'll never do it. Expect new awesome features though! -.-
  3. JoshPeterson


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 21, 2014
    Thanks for reporting this issue. At this point we don't plan to add this documentation with the Unity installation, unfortunately. We're working now on moving the Unity ecosystem to .NET Core, so our efforts are focused there.

    You can follow that development on this forum thread:

    I realize that this is not the ideal answer, but we have limited resources, and so we've chosen not to pursue this.
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