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Question What is the future for AR and VR? Which one is more promising? Why?

Discussion in 'AR' started by Spleens990, Dec 25, 2021.

  1. Spleens990


    Dec 25, 2021
    I think both are really promising and here is why.

    Emergence of Augmented Reality will Fuel Virtual Reality

    Augmented reality is VR’s sister industry. Based on statistics the augmented/mixed reality industry will be MUCH larger than VR by 2023. Virtual reality’s reboot started in 2012 with Oculus’ Kickstarter being successfully funded and purchased by Facebook. Why? VR from a time standpoint is much more time-consuming than augmented reality.
    Additionally, Magic Leap is one of the most funded startups in history. ML promises a mixed reality device that is coming soon for creators this year. Many speculate and say VR won’t take off because it can’t be used in public or in tandem with other activities. I believe this is a narrow point of view and doesn’t address all of the uses that VR will mostly be used in entertainment, and other completely immersive scenarios.

    Common usage of augmented reality will lead people to fully immersive virtual reality experiences. By the time AR picks up in the coming years, VR content and experiences will be much better and appeal more to mainstream audiences rather than the current niche uses.

    Limitless Unfathomable Experiences

    I interviewed Jay Samit on the podcast Humans 2.0. Jay is a major influencer in the world of mixed reality technology. He brought up a very interesting point during our conversation. He said when the iPhone came out, nobody had any idea what kind of mobile applications we could use. The early app store was filled with fart and gun apps with no real utility or purpose.

    Point being, even if VR / AR is being used for mundane trivial applications today, it doesn’t mean it will look that way in 5 years.

    Due to limited processing power virtual reality experiences are quite limited. Imagine the future metaverse as a limitless world of intention and thought. Virtual Reality is an idea of fully immersive technology-mediated dream worlds. Rendered mind spaces where the only limit is your imagination.

    My favorite example of an unfathomable VR experience today is GE Healthcare’s virtual reality speciality software. It can help radiologists, doctors, and surgeons better read the human body, perform diagnoses and make their decisions. The VR app lets Doctors step inside internal organs and navigate, travel forward from side to side, and even search for polyps and other tumors.

    Thank you!!!
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    Apr 11, 2010
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