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Question What is the correct way to support WebGL 2.0 and WebGL 1.0 at same time? What about Color Space?

Discussion in 'Web' started by DrViJ, Aug 17, 2020.


How do you work with color spaces and WebGL1-2 compatibility

  1. Use gamma color space and dont worry about it

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  2. Make two builds: main with 2.0 and linear, and secondary with 1.0 and gamma. load them after check

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  3. Other (please tell how do you do this in comments)

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  1. DrViJ


    Feb 9, 2013
    The platform that I want to publish requeries me to support browsers:
    • Google Chrome;
    • Internet Explorer;
    • Microsoft Edge;
    • Mozilla Firefox;
    • Opera;
    • Safari.
    Some of them do not work with WebGL 2.0. So I have to support WebGL 1.0

    So my question is:
    What is the correct way to do this if I want to use Linear Color space in my main builds, and to use WebGL 1.0 and gamma as fallback. Is it real? Cause I will have separate android builds and I want better lighting behaviour in my scenes.