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Question What is the best way to make fps animations, with arms, for a unity FPS game?

Discussion in 'Animation' started by Vahetech, Jan 7, 2023.

  1. Vahetech


    Jun 9, 2021
    What is the best way to make fps animations for unity with arms while taking into count gun and arms animations, double handed guns, reloading animations, etc. I know single sapling games has a really good tutorial on fps arms, but the way he animates them (using 2 different animators for the gun and the arms) and the way he animates them in blender (animating the gun then animating arms which takes a lot of time when you mess up a tiny part of the gun animation) isn't what I want. I want some easy way, perferablly using one animation controller, that I can manage and make gun animations (reload, equip, unequip, ads, etc.) export them to unity (if being made in another program). Thanks.
  2. Inxentas


    Jan 15, 2020
    I've hacked together something idiotic in Unity a while back for a similar thing, but it worked rather well.

    I used a normal humanoid Blender rig and just made meshes for the arms. In fact, I used some model from somewhere and deleted all the vertexes except those of the arms. You then end up with something that takes a Humanoid animation controller. I believe I also edited the model a bit to create a bit more space between the arms, whatever was needed to make them render nicely. I also added a Camera to layer the arms on top of the rest, so they can never clip into something else.

    That way you can use Animation Rigging. Now I am not sure if you want your animations to include fingers and such, but I found that package to be very helpful animating the elbow and wrist. You can add a Two Bone Constrant to animate the arms using minimal keyframes. If you have hands with fingers, you can create a seperate Animation Layer for them.

    Disclaimer: this is not the BEST way. This is just ONE way, that might save you some time.