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Official Welcome to the Vivox forum!

Discussion in 'Vivox (Voice & Text Chat)' started by emilyryan, Oct 21, 2021.

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  1. emilyryan


    Unity Technologies

    Nov 22, 2019
    Welcome to the new Vivox service forum. You can use this sub-forum to ask for help, share feedback, and have discussions about Unity's game voice and chat solution.

    To learn more about Vivox, take a look at the Vivox Product Page.

    Vivox is part of Unity’s offering for the Multiplayer Suite, along with other Beta services like Lobby and Relay, and other generally available products like UNet Services and Multiplay.
    To learn more about PCU and billing for Vivox Services, see the Unity Dashboard.

    NOTE: For returning Vivox Customers, we will be deprecating the Unity Vivox Forums section in our Developer Portal. This will be the preferred form of communication, so please post any questions in this forum from now on. Thank you for your cooperation.


    • The Vivox service is currently available in the Unity Dashboard.
    • The package is being developed for users of Unity 2019.4 and beyond.

    Getting started

    If you have not already registered on the Unity Dashboard, that is the best place to start and view the Unity Gaming Services.

    Vivox is located under the Multiplayer Suite. After you create a project, you can go through our intuitive onboarding process, which will guide you step-by-step on how to implement Vivox. You can also check out our Vivox Unity SDK quick start guide.

    What's next

    The team is hard at work to provide you with the best experience possible on the Unity Dashboard. We are currently working to make the remaining supported SDKs available on the Unity Dashboard.

    In terms of feedback, we're especially looking for:
    • Use cases that are important to you and your projects
    • Workflows that are unclear or missing
    • Features you'd like to see in future releases
    • Questions or feedback on our documentation and knowledge base content
    • Observations on what has been challenging for you when it comes to implementing your game using these new Unity services.
    Please share your feedback as new posts in this forum.

    How to report bugs with Vivox
    You can report any bugs by using the Support link in the "About & Support" page for your project in the Unity dashboard.

    There is also a bug reporter tool, but it's not the preferred way to reach out to us. For instructions on how to file bugs through the Unity editor, please go here.

    After you have submitted a bug report, feel free to start a corresponding post on it here in this forum.

    Vivox Forum Rules
    1. Don’t post sensitive account information, such as issuers, keys, admin credentials, passwords, or email addresses. Also, sanitize logs or code by replacing all instances of your real issuer with "my-issuer" and your real key with "my-key".
    2. Limit forum posts to one question at a time. You can post follow-up questions in the same forum post, but for unrelated questions, you should make a new post.
    3. Try your best to search for the answer to your question. If you find no results, feel free to reach out here, but make sure to only post your question once.
    4. Be aware that forum posts are answered on an availability basis. We cannot guarantee timely answers to questions, although we do our best to help answer as many questions as we can.
    5. Collaborate! If you know the answer to a question that another user has posted, feel free to leave a response.
    6. If you've created a forum post, please do not subsequently submit a ticket informing us about your post. These queues are managed separately and submitting a ticket will not speed up response time for your post.
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