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Official Welcome to the Unity dedicated server sub-forum!

Discussion in 'Dedicated Server' started by JohannRw, Mar 23, 2023.

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  1. JohannRw


    Unity Technologies

    Jan 26, 2022
    The Unity dedicated server platform helps you build an optimized version of your project that is ideal to run as a multiplayer dedicated server process.

    The builds produced using this platform do not include unnecessary graphics, so are built faster, have a lower memory footprint, and better runtime performance when compared to any other type of build.

    • Editor version 21.3 LTS +
    • Install the Dedicated Server module for the platform you’re targeting. For example, enable Linux Dedicated Server Build Support if you plan to build for Linux.
    • [Optional] Starting editor version 2023.1 we are delivering additional features through the com.unity.dedicated-server package.
    Getting started
    To get up and running follow the steps in the Dedicated server platform documentation

    Current state
    Since its first iteration in 2021.2, we addressed several pain points :
    • We improved the stability and will continue to do so.
    • We’re always working to improve performance, and starting with version 23.2 (2023.2.0a7 to be precise), we’re offering an ‘optimized dedicated server’ player option that significantly improves performance and build time. This option removes the shader build step and shaders from the final build.
    What's next
    We’re always working to improve server performance, development workflow, and iteration time. To get a sneak peek at our roadmap or to request a feature, please visit us here.

    We would love to hear your feedback!
    • Do you have any use cases that we haven’t covered yet?
    • Are there any workflows that are unclear or missing?
    • Do you have any issues or questions about the documentation?
    Please share your thoughts in this forum or on our discord - #Dedicated-server-platform-development.

    How to report bugs
    Ideally, we'd like any bugs reported through the built-in bug reporter tool, as that will automatically provide us with some relevant context. When reporting bugs, please:
    • Please attach a bare-bones project that reproduces the issue to help us diagnose the issue you’re facing with the dedicated server platform or with the dedicated-server package.
    • If available, please also attach some log files.
    Have a look at this page for more information and best practices around bug reporting.

    Once you have submitted a bug report through the bug reporter, please feel free to start a discussion about it in this sub-forum.

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    Thank you for your interest, we're looking forward to your feedback!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.